Daphna Simon bio picture


Inspired by a love of travel, Daphna Simon discovers inspiration in the details of the world around her. Global exploration and a gravitation towards art and design has inspired Daphna to create a unique jewelry collection that sparks connection and conversation.

Whether it’s the natural beauty of rocks, the majesty of trees, or the grace of wild animals, Daphna fine tunes her unique insights and perspectives to create beautiful, wearable, and unique conversation starters. Each handcrafted piece begins with hours of study. With uncanny attention to detail and the finest of craftsmanship, Daphna unleashes unrestrained creativity to achieve her signature wearable sculptures. The unique beauty of these pieces have become prized as treasures designed to be passed through generations.

With a passion for art and fashion from an early age, Daphna spent her life learning the art of design. After studying fashion at FIT and goldsmithing under one of the most highly regarded and respected Israeli goldsmiths, she launched Daphna Simon Jewelry in 2007. Daphna is best known for her signature 18k gold animal rings. Her pieces are not only timeless works of art, but offer unique invitations and opportunities to embrace and explore the world both big and small.